Customer and consultant testimonials

In November 2016, after graduating with a master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, NSIS contacted me after seeing my CV on an online platform. At first, I was quite surprised that an IT services company was interested in my profile. Indeed, I had not followed a pure IT course and I did not master any programming language.
My curiosity led me to attend the interview to which I had been invited. It was during this interview that I was told that NSIS specializes in recruiting juniors who want to change careers in IT. In the following days, NSIS offered me a permanent contract, which would start with a two-month training period as a mainframe design and development engineer. After thinking it over, I thought, ``Why not?``.
After the training, I immediately started a long-term assignment at Euro Securities Partners in Ile-de-France. Seeing that the client was already aware of the NSIS training programme, the tasks assigned to me were in line with my knowledge, and allowed me to consolidate my skills as I went along, but also to acquire new ones. During my assignment, my business manager was always present. Feeling supported was important to me.
I am now in the process of recruiting internally at Euro Securities Partners. To sum up: NSIS trusted me, supported me and effectively trained me as a mainframe design and development engineer. So I say a big thank you to them!
I first encountered NSIS at a job fair, I had been looking for a job in my original field of study (Geology) for 5-6 months, without success. NSIS immediately saw potential in my profile and I completed a test and interview, that went very well. I was immediately put at ease by the recruters as they talked to me about the mainframe training course and professional opportunities. I then chose to join the NSIS adventure. The training, combining theoretical skills, numerous practical exercises and small tricks provided by the trainers, was intense and very stimulating. This prepared me very well for my first assignment with a client who is used to having beginners. I was able to improve at my own pace, acquiring a little more autonomy and responsibility within the team every month. Never alone, I am always in contact with my business manager and the other NSIS colleagues on site who make sure that my assignment goes well!
Florent CASTE
After a university education in earth sciences, I obtained a master's degree in research specializing in geophysics. I completed this course with a PhD in a laboratory in an urban environment. Much of this research work involved designing a numerical model of solute flow and transport in porous mediums. My diploma was obtained successfully, the lack of research opportunities in France forced me to broaden my field of research. It is in this context that NSIS contacted me, and after signing the contract, offered me an internal training course in the JAVA EE language. My first assignment for the Ministry for internal affairs was to develop a web application using JAVA, and NSIS my training was very useful. I'm really enjoying this assignment and I want to continue my career in the digital field.
Stéphane BATANY
The young people from the Nsis training course bring their expertise to the setting up and durability of the revenue unit, after which they work in the production unit within Franfinance.
It is a win-win collaboration since the internal employees lend their experience to young people and in return, young people bring an external perspective on the organization of income.
The operating principle is based on an increase in skills over a 3-year period:
- in the first year, the young person from the training course applies his or her knowledge in the Franfinance revenue environment.
- the second year, the revenue administrator is autonomous and is entrusted with one to several revenue projects.
- finally, in his last year, they become team leaders and they manage the entire revenue unit by supervising the new young trainee and the administrator.
This operation gives us complete satisfaction and has allowed us to continue our quality revenue unit for almost ten years, i.e. six years of grouped technical assistance.
Claude Jaud
Head of the administration unit at Franfinance